Core Banking Project Management

Finance & IT Expertise

The Finance & IT Expertise povides Coaching and guidance to Finance staff assigned to assist and learn from the Core Banking activities;

New chart of accounts for the Enterprise General Ledger Research requirements;

Advice on the best route forward for a GL(including vendor choice) for a bank of US$ 1 Billion Profit size and ambition;

Practical, technical and financial guidance and Project Management for Implementing Enterprise GL.

Represent Finance on Core Banking committees, forums and teams and to provide financial expertise to ensure that the accounting build of the Core Banking system is aligned with best practice from a financial stand point.

Guidance and expertise in Data Migration Strategy and Data Migration Testing; assists Finance team with User Acceptance Testing.

Review the accounting setups of the Core Banking system and provide feedback on build quality.

Represent Finance on the upgrade / improvement or implementation of the treasury front-to-back system and validity of accounting within the treasury system and interactions with the data warehouse and enterprise GL.

Builds workflow for accounts payable system to enhance the efficiency by giving guidance for updating the embedded chart of accounts to operate more effectively, etc.