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Financial Consulting. Let Us Do the Math.

We are into Consultancy field to manage and actively implement a new enterprise GL (ERP) for any organization and the highly required Cyber Security Advisory and Consulting Services. UniGlobal Consultancy will assist you in training your employees for the betterment of your company. We provide 360-degree services for cybersecurity like compliance to ISO standards, Risk Assessment, Business Continuity and crisis management.

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Core Banking Project Management

The Financial IT Expertise provides coaching and guidance to Finance staff assigned to assist and learn from the Core Banking activities. Develop and present to Finance a new chart of accounts for the Enterprise General Ledger.

Financial MIS

Represent Finance on the upgrade / improvement or implementation of the data warehouse and enterprise GL which can help to analyze revenues, costs and profits, auditing systems for Internal & External and Regulatory purposes. There are many elements that make up Financial MIS, each with its own function.

Cyber Security

Advisory and Training services in the field of Cyber Resilience, which include Cyber Security /ISMS and Business Continuity. We guide organizations in safeguarding their most important assets like Data/Information, Infrastructure, Profits and Reputation by protecting their computer systems.

HR Consultancy

We had partnered with an international group having various companies under its flagship with presence in more than 18 countries. We have diversified our operations into global HR solutions & recruitments.


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