Chairman's Message


UniGlobal Consultancy Services is a dream come true. A dream to benefit the society from the knowledge I gained during my versatile career. In the course of my career, I was able to meet and associate with qualified and experienced professionals who were experts in their respective fields. It has helped a lot in churning my knowledge in Finance and IT and helped in my journey to achieve quality and competency in Banking Finance. It is time to benefit the society with the knowledge I gained with the blessings of god almighty. Hence, the birth of Uni Global Consultancy Services W.L.L. My vision is to provide quality services and guidance to clients to help them deliver better results by increasing efficiency in their businesses. In today’s complex business environment and volatile economic conditions across the globe, my intention is to assist organizations to enrich their business through improved productivity and results with the proper use of technology. The Consultancy Services is associated with projects in different countries, in the field of Banking & finance, Infrastructure Development, IT and Cyber Security, Tours & Travels and Shipping. In future, we intend to expand the range of our consultancy services by entering diverse areas across different countries.